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Open Pitlane Francorchamps


Membership card purchase/extension (valid for 1 year - €95,00)

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Event Info

Open pit lane track days in Spa-Francorchamps guarantee tons of driving pleasure on the world’s most beautiful F1 track! 

Like every year the Spa track days are very popular. People with racing or track day experience are welcome. This is not a track for beginners because of the high average speed. You can enter with street and race cars. SUVs, EVs and Formula cars are not allowed. These track days are often fully booked so don’t hesitate to book it in time. A reservation is confirmed when the entry fee arrived at our bank account.

We have a big change for Spa-Francorchamps bookings this year: Not the booking date will be the measure to confirm your booking, but the date of payment will ensure that you are sure of your place. In the past, we had too many last-minute cancellations, and mostly from participants who did not want to pay in advance. Therefore, if we have not received payment 1 week after your booking, your reservation will expire and we will remove you from the participant list.

We differentiate between members and non-members.
Membership costs 95€ for one year.
The membership card will be issued on site, but must be paid in advance with the entry fee.

Please mind the current noise limit at Spa-Francorchamps: 103db.

Prices Member Non-Member
Morning session (9:00-12:00) €315 €335
Afternoon session (13:00-18:00) €435 €455
Full day (9:00-18:00) €595 €625
Pit box (F1 pitlane) €290 €290
Extra driver/passenger (p.p.) €20 €20


Additional pilots and passengers cost €20 per person.
Wearing a helmet is mandatory. Helmets can be borrowed from the administration.
Minimum age for drivers and co-drivers is 18 years, exception for license holders.

Track Info
addressRoute du Circuit 55
4970 Francorchamps
length7004 m
noise limit103 db
About the track

This track, located in the Belgian Ardennes, developed in the 20s on the public streets, driving from Francorchamps through Malmédy to Stavelot and back to Francorchamps. The current Formula1 track was first used in 1977 and takes up 7 kilometers of tarmac.

This is a very fast track with many different high-speed turns. The renowned Eau Rouge-Raidillon combination, Blanchimont and Pouhon are turns that require full-grown “balls”. A small mistake can result in major problems, which is why the adrenalin rush is enormous when you take these corners fast and accurate.

On Francorchamps’ honor list we can find the biggest names such as Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Juan-Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Jack Brabham and many others. The annual 24 Hours of Spa are, next to the Formula1 race and the 1,000 kilometers race, one of the absolute highlights. During track days, this track shows a wide variety of exclusive sports cars and racecars on track. 

Open Formula cars (single seaters) are not allowed at this track during our trackdays. 

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General Rules
  1. Helmet is always obligatory when on track.
  2. The free driving sessions are only open for drivers WITH experience. It is not allowed to rent your car to people without experience without an instructor.
  3. Yellow flag = DANGER! No passing, slow down and have respect for the officials and the other drivers on track.
    Red flag = SESSION STOPPED!  No passing, slow down and enter the pitlane.
  4. Each car needs to have light (in front and rear)! When the weather is bad, it can be obligatory to turn on the lights. If no lights available, you might not be allowed on track.
  5. TOW HOOK obligatory: If your car has no tow hook, it might not be allowed on track. 
  6. PASSING: the slow car stays on the ideal racing line, the faster car passes next to the racing line. Passing can happen on left or right side.
  7. NOISE LIMIT ZOLDER: maximum 98 decibel. Your noise is measured 2 times per lap. If you break the limit you will get a black flag, you sign the paper and try to repair. After the second black flag for going over the noise limit the car may no longer drive that day!
  8. Windows have to be 75% closed when on track. Convertible cars need to have a roll bar.
  9. SUVs and EVs are not allowed during trackdays (except on special EV driving days).
  10. Zolder: Trucks, busses with trailer can only enter the pitlane before 9 AM, between 12:00 and 13:00 and after 18:00. 
  11. In Francorchamps the noise limit is 103 decibel.
  12. All damages after touching the guardrails, tirewalls, etc. will be billed to the driver. 
  13. Trackdays are no competitions! They are only there to improve your drivers skills and to learn the track. There is no laptiming and we don't use these days to reach the maximum speed of the car. 
  14. If you cannot attend a pre-booked trackday, you can have the full amount of your registration transferred to the next event. If you want a refund, 20% will be deducted for administrative costs. ​
  15. Minimum age as a passenger or as a driver is 18 years. In Zolder passengers are allowed from 16 years old. If a driver has a license, he or she is also allowed to drive from 16 years of age.

General Conditions 2023

You will receive a confirmation email within 48h of registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at Payment details can be found in your confirmation.
The car you participate in must be technically safe, have good tires, brakes and seat belts/armor. No leaks must be present. The car must have at least 1 towing eye. If we consider your car unsafe, you will not be allowed on the track or will be removed from the track. We recommend wearing fire retardant racing overalls but this is not mandatory. However, arms and legs must be covered at all times with long clothing. Riders and co-drivers are required to wear an appropriate helmet.

Ensure there are no loose objects in the car that could injure or distract you while driving. Check your fuel level regularly. The windows of the car must be closed. INTERCONNECTION: The slower car stays on the ideal line, the faster car overtakes by driving next to the line! Both left and right can be overtaken. Windows at least 3/4 closed when driving on the track! Convertibles must have a roll bar. SUVs and EVs are not allowed during trackdays (except on special EV driving days). Zolder: Trucks, vans or trailers are only allowed in the pitlane before 9am, between 12 and 1pm and after the event.

In case of an accident, if possible, drive your car to the nearest flag post or to the orange markings (gate). Do NOT leave your car.

The noise limits are :

Zolder 98dB
Spa-francorchamps 103 dB
Mettet 102 dB
Nürburgring 128dB (other measurement) Assen 95 dB
Zandvoort 92 dB

*these are always measured dynamically.

We provide a written briefing on each trackday: please read this briefing carefully and make sure you are familiar with the meaning of the different flags and safety procedures. You can also always find this briefing in video-file on our website.

Information Rental Cars

If any of our rental cars are booked and paid for, Skylimit Events provides, subject to availability, the type of cars communicated in advance. We always provide these rental cars in good technical condition.

Art. 1 Your registration

By registering for one of our events by mail, phone or through the online booking system, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Your registration will only be valid afterconfirmation from Skylimit Events AND after payment of the amount due or as agreed upon.

The customer is required to be in good health when participating in Skylimit Events activities. The customer is not allowed to participate in an event with health problems, such as back, neck, heart problems, short of breath, if pregnant or under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol.

By registering for one of our events by mail, phone or through our online booking system, the customer agrees that Skylimit Events is authorized to make visual and/or audio recordings during an event in which the customer can be seen and made public.

Art. 2 Payment

Unless otherwise stated in our communication, the amount due must be paid as soon as possible after your booking to guarantee your place. If we have not received your payment within 2 weeks of registration, we will consider this a cancellation on your part and you authorize us to pass your place on to other riders.

Art. 3 Cancellation/No Show

We ask that you cancel as soon as possible, no later than 5 days in advance. This gives other drivers the chance to take your place and so we can fully book our trackday. Any cancellation not confirmed by us at least 30 days before the event will incur an administrative charge of 25% on the total amount booked.

If you cancel in a timely manner, the amount already paid may be carried forward to a subsequent event of your choice. There will be no refunds.

In case you do not show up, 'no show', meaning that you did not cancel the event with us at least 48 hours in advance, an administrative fee of 25% of the total amount will also be charged.

Art. 4 Misconduct

Skylimit Events bvba has the right to suspend riders who do not comply with the general rules. Any misbehavior towards other riders during the sessions, towards crew members or staff will not be tolerated. In that case, Skylimit Events will cancel the rest of your registration without any right to refund.

Trackdays are NOT speed contests. They serve only to get to know the track and your car better. There is NO timekeeping and at no time will there be top speed driving.

Art. 5 Suspension due to force majeure

In the exceptional case that Skylimit Events decides to cancel the event, the amount paid will be refunded.

Art. 6 Liability

Skylimit Events is authorized to have each participating person sign a disclaimer prior to participating in an event.

Under no circumstances shall Skylimit Events be liable for any accidents, damage to cars, injuries or other, nor for indirect and consequential damages. Each participant participates at his own risk and with his own capabilities. Participation in our events binds you to our Terms and Conditions which state that Skylimit Events cannot be held liable for material or personal damages.

Each participant will sign a Waiver of Recourse prior to the start of the event declaring that they will not take any legal action against the organizer, track services, instructors, crew members, race services and authorities or other associates with Skylimit Events and its participants.

Any damage caused by a participant to the circuit's infrastructure will be charged to the participant concerned. Damage to the circuit will be charged to the participant. This can be crash barriers or tire wall.

Art. 7 Marketing

Promoting or selling products without our previous permission is prohibited. It is not allowed to distribute products, leaflets, brochures, etc. Sale of beverages or food is not allowed.

Art. 8 Other

Co-drivers must be at least 16 years old with the exception of Nürburgring (18y).
Pilots 18 years of age or younger must hold and be able to present a valid license. The maximum number of people in the car is two. It is strictly forbidden to drive in the opposite direction. Please respect our marshals and other drivers and enjoy your trackday! Skylimit Events is authorized to simultaneously run multiple events with multiple clients at the same location, as far as this location allows.

Art. 9 Insurance Rental Cars

The excess/exemption insurance of the rental cars is 4000 euros per car. This is the part of the damage that the pilot has to bear himself after a claim. By signing the 'waiver of recourse' you agree to this.

Art. 10 Transponders

Each participating car, is always required to have a working transponder attached. It must be fixed on the inside of the windscreen (passenger side) with the accessory provided. These transponders are property of Circuit Zolder. As a deposit, Skylimit Events asks you to leave an identity card or driving license in the space provided. After the trackday, you are obliged to return the transponder as soon as possible. If we do not receive it in time, we will keep your deposit until we receive the transponder. If after 8 days Skylimit Events still does not have the missing transponder, an invoice will be made out to the customer in question for 400 euro. (property Circuit Zolder)

Art. 11 Complaints

Any complaints must be made known to Skylimit Events in writing and with reasons within 8 days of the occurrence of the complaint. After the expiry of this period, the client shall be deemed to have approved the product or service provided by Skylimit Events. Complaints about invoices of Skylimit Events must be reported in writing within 8 days after the date of the invoice. After the expiry of this period, the client shall be deemed to have approved the invoice.