Skylimit Super Sunday

During the Super Sunday, Skylimit Events gives you the opportunity to drive your own car at Circuit Zolder and experience what it is like to be a race driver and understand the limits of your car.

During Super Sundays, there is just as much fun to be had off track as there is behind the wheel. Many different automakers like Ford, Volkswagen/Audi, Peugeot or Japanese makes show their most exceptional vehicles, as well as classics.

You can participate in a Super Sunday with any type of car. Track time is divided between street cars and race cars. A car can only enter for one of these two classes. Street cars are cars with a license plate. Race cars don't have the permission to drive on the streets. Female drivers can show their driving skills during the ‘Ladies on Track’ session. Never set wheel on a track before? Don’t worry. Register for the introduction session under the supervision of the pace car. Slow show laps are a parade for people with any type of car. Attention, this is a slow session with an average speed of 30 to 40 km/h. During this parade, you are not obligated to wear a helmet. 

Race cars€60,00/session
Street cars €50,00/session
Ladies on track€50,00
Pace car laps€30,00
Slow show laps€30,00
7h15Paddock check/administration office open
10h00-10h20Pace car laps
10h20-10h50Street cars 1
10h50-11h30Race cars 1
11h30-12h00Street cars 2
13h00-13h20Parade (40km/h)
13h20-14h00Race cars 2
14h00-14h30Street car 3
14h30-15h00Ladies on Track
15h00-15h40Race cars 3
15h40-16h10Street cars 4
16h10-16h50Race cars 4
16h50-17h20Street cars 5
17h20-18h00Race cars 5

Club information:
During Skylimit Super Sundays, clubs and dealers can rent an area in the paddock, which will be divided into club areas: 2 sections of 5 meters wide or 3 sections if they are shorter. It’s always possible to park about 15 cars in one area. Contact us if you would like to reserve  an area for your cars during the next Super Sunday. 

​Free of charge